How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker)

236 years ago the Founding Parents invented America. Before that a very close thing we have now America was France, and that wasn’t very American at all. We all know the Constitution those guys drafted wasn’t perfect, they left out all kinds of important material. Yet, over hour we’ve come together to improve our Constitution. And today 220 million Americans are eligible to vote. But, after decades of political corruption, our elections don’t count quite like they used to. Right before our eyes, they’re being out-muscled by another form of political power; Money. These periods if you crave something in Washington there’s a sure-fire way to get it. Shed a Congressperson a fundraiser. Political campaigns are expensive, really expensive. Legislator are desperate to get their hands on the money they need to pay for their next campaign to stay in office.

They know that 94% of the time the candidate who raises the most fund wins. So they spend up to 70% of their days chasing cash, instead of running the country. Like junkies who will do anything to find a fix. And merely a handful of billionaires and large-hearted special interest put up the big bucks. Over 80% of Presidential Super PAC money has come from only 196 people. The style our structure operates, special interests get what they paid under. That’s why pizza is now considered a vegetable in academy cafeterias. Why 3 of the countries top-1 0 grossing companies paid zero Federal Taxes in 2009. And why certain industries have enjoyed a 77,000% return on one particular kind of investment: their lobbying dollars. It’s been this mode for a while, but two years ago it got worse. The Supreme court chose a suit called Citizen’s United, establishing limitless anonymous campaign donations the right of the property. And taking our Democracy from flawed-but-fixable to S *** -screaming self-parody. Before Citizen’s United we could at-least identify the people who were pumping cash into our politics. Today, we don’t even know where half of it comes from. It could literally be anyone. Add it all up and what have you got? Our legislators represent the money that bankrolls them , not the ones who vote them into office.

Meaning us. They don’t represent us. It makes you wonder, if those guys who devised America were around right now, what would they do? They wouldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch, they’d raise hell. So that’s what we’re doing. When the rich try to buy our lawmakers, when legislators sell out to lobbyists, we’re going to make some noise. And we’ll continue to make noise until politicians blocking reform are booted from role and unlimited and anonymous campaign gifts are a thing of the past. We may not have billions of dollars, but we do have millions of people. And when we come together we can insure that our referendums count exactly as much as they’re supposed to. The Constitution is pretty clear about this, it’s WE the PEOPLE , not IT the MONEY. If you crave your democracy back, join us. And if you don’t, don’t worry, we’ll get it back for you ..

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How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker)

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